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Pokémon Legends Arceus Full Review

Pokémon Legends Arceus I mean what can we say about this game? The game is a masterpiece! From the amazing world design and incredible Pokémon interactions you have throughout the game to the new battle mechanics that give you a new sense of the game and the new way to explore, this game has it all for any Pokémon fan out there. Although Legends sometimes seems like it's and empty world when you go out exploring and also has so much dialogue that can overwhelm the player, Legends gives you a good sense of what the Pokémon world was in the past and gives the power to shape the future in this amazing adventure to restore order to the Hisui Region. Nintendo and Game Freak really knocked it out of the park with Legends and it is safe to say we're excited to see what the future holds in the Pokémon World.


Great battle mechanics

Responsive controller mechanics

Amazing visuals


Empty exploration world

Scenes with overcrowded dialogue

Pass The Joystick Score: 9/10

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