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Hi Rez Fun with Valorant Flair = Rogue Company

When i first saw Rogue Company i was rather skeptical due to the idea of another team/hero shooter being released in a world of Overwatch & other Brs that currently rule the multiplayer world. Gladly to my surprise & delight the game has that Hi Rez charm to it which made me fall in love with the likes of Smite. Granted the two games are two completely different takes on multiplayer, Hi Rez has always been fantastic at understanding a fun gameplay experience & delivering on that in multiple genres. I have about 10 hours worth of gameplay with majority of that into their premier game mode which plays along of the lines of CSGO or Valorant where each round you get cash to buy weapons but Rogue Company flips that around a little to make it refreshing on each match.

Every individual Rogue has their own weapons & a

list of different perks (alongside passives that make characters better in 1v1 or team play) which allows you to think of what the enemy team has compared to yours & playing around that while giving you the option to invest in each weapon or utility item with cash gained per round to give you better recoil,more ammo or for melee weapons range etc.

Thankfully given this level of "play your own way" mentality per game every one who plays Rogue Company can be their own Rogue their own way. The game does get a big plus for being crossplay & also free to play as well. You can pay $15 to get closed access currently or wait till it goes free later this year on PS4,Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

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