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Cuphead Full Review

Cuphead is one of the best games that brings you a challenging gameplay with a great story and art style and let's not forget the amazing soundtrack. Studio MDHR gave us a game inspired by the style of 1930's cartoons jampacked with the witty and silly story that keeps the player invested but the most important thing is the level of challenge that this game gives you. If you're a fan of boss battles and one to be a fan of pain this game has all that because it's all boss battles and trying to get better as you play. Trying to free the Inkwelll Isles from the evil King Dice and the Devil himself you play as Cuphead or his brother Mugman trying to defeat all the debtors and get out of a "deal" you did with the Devil. All in all Cuphead brings you and incredible style and creative gameplay that will have you wanting more as you keep progressing through the story.


Amazing Soundtrack

Beautiful art style

Couch co-op


No online multiplayer

Challenging for inexperienced players

Pass The Joystick score: 10/10

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