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Catherine Full Body Review

Catherine Full Body is the alternate version to Catherine, and adding the new elements to the story changed everything for the player and anyone enjoying the story. The player gets to play as Vincent, an average guy just trying to get by and have a healthy relationship with his girlfriend Katherine but one day he starts having these strange nightmares that feel real to Vincent but he doesn't seem to remember them, and they started after meeting a girl in the bar named Catherine who after Vincent wakes up is with him in bed and he has no memory after talking to her. Vincent had many turns even meeting another person named Rin which is newly introduced in Full Body but this person lost all of their memories and that was remembered was a name... Qatherin! The story goes on to unravel many twists and to have you make some tough decisions through the game which impact your story and your way of being. In Catherine Full Body the actual levels you play are inside Vincent dreams which is a climbing puzzle game. It is well built to give the payers a challenging game play but fun with being able to push and pull blocks to be able to climb this seemingly endless tower and each night gets more challenging introducing new blocks, new foes, and a whole new way of playing. For those players that are looking for a good challenging game that keeps you engaged in the story and has ways on making you question your own decisions then Catherine Full Body is the game for you. Score for Catherine Full Body is 9/10

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